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Webpages and Websites in no particular order, last update 2006-12-08

vhost maintainer description lang maniax Welcome to library. Here I've put some things that could be useable to everybody ... en Boyan and maniax This is a simple page, dedicated to the machine that we love for holding our and our friend's stuff. en Griffin UniBG channel #programisti (brewed 1998) homepage bg maniax ... na vseki, prochel tova, i vidql v nego samo kruvta, bitkite i redkite lubovni sceni, se izvinqvam za zagubenoto vreme. Suzhalqvam go. ... bg Victor Welcome to The Entrapment, a site dedicated to the leading Bulgarian thrash/progressive band WARTIME bg/en Victor Приключенията на Илиана Бойчева bg Boyan Boyan Krosnov's page en Boyan AS112 running on currently servicing Lirex Net and customers bg/en Boyan IP addresses distribution by country and special use addresses, generator for access-lists in various formats. en Blago i Petko Дипломната Работа на Петко Коленичев bg Georgi Georgiev (Skeleta) SECD Mania - SECD is extremly simple virtual machine for functional programming en Boyan Some mirrors, including Debian, cd images and LDP en Boyan A mirror of the Linux Documentation Project. Updated twice a day from the primary server en Javor Dimitrov Interesting Java Games. bg/en Vladimir Dzhuvinov MozWordNet is a simple web application providing a user interface to the lexical database WordNet 1.7.1. en Slavka Georgieva Home page. bg/en Peter Chakarov Българският Тийн портал. bg Svetlin Nakov Club Caving, Bulgaria, Sofia. bg/en Viktor (v0rbe) Manga/Anime portal. bg maniax Home Page. bg/en atmos_fear To be filled bg/en Victor Honda club - Bulgaria bg Alphard C++ forums bg Linux-BG Team LinuxBG's Conferences page bg Nikolay Nedyalkov, Jordan Dimov ISECA bg/en Tony Raijekov OpenProjects Foundation bg/en FSA-BG team Openfest bg/en maniax System and Network administrators Wall of Shame bg/en Victor Invision Power Board software - BG bg/en ongeboren UniBG related stuff by ongeboren n/a Gatyo MUD - Български Легенди bg/en Martin Toshev (rinaldo) Reviews of Sega, Dreamcast and anime games en Stiliana Simeonova #poetry bg whisper NGDEK bg Joffer Security and research site en Desync Starwars' fans forum bg Viktor Photo forum bg Gergana Hristova Web comic bg Dreamcatcher Final Fantasy forum bg Boytcho Peychev Misc stuff n/a Todor Ginchev Lots of airplanes :) en Georgi Sotirov Slackware packages en Hristina Nedkova Forum of bg

Other services in no particular order

[en] If you have a non-profit project and are wondering where to host it, drop us an e-mail at requests[at] We'll do our best to help you out.

[bg] Ако имате проект с не-стопанска цел и се чудите къде да го приютите, пратете ни e-mail на requests[at] Ние ще направим всичко, което е по силите ни, за да ви помогнем